Mojo's Obnoxiously Upbeat Mission Statement!

I LOVE This Album....

This (well, "Volume 1", at least) was the very first CD I ever purchased. Back in the late '80s, I spent about a solid week's pay on a new-fangled portable CD player, and to celebrate my Favorite Brother and I went to the record store (as they were known back then!) to purchase our first CDs.

The record store still sold mostly LPs, but there was a small display of converted cassette holders around five feet long that housed their impressive CD collection. --Wait! There's MORE!

A Blast From the Past

I was cleaning my office the other day and came across this postcard my Favorite Younger Sister doctored and used to decorate a present for Yours Truly. --Wait! There's MORE!

Buddy Remembers Ella

Buddy Bregman, who arranged and conducted the legendary Cole Porter Songbook, reminisces about working with Ella. It's a mishmash of impressions and memories, with some very charming details.

NPR's Portrait of Ella

This is a really nice radio portrait of Ella. Lots of interviews with musicians, critics and the First Lady herself. (You'll even find out the names of her girlhood friends who all applied to get into that fateful talent show at the Apollo Theater when they were teens!) --Wait! There's MORE!

Boy! What Love Has Done to Me!

Maybe it's my privileged, sunny, middle-class Leave It To Beaver upbringing talking, but I just LOVE this song. I think it's an absolute laugh riot. Probably because I was particularly picky with impossibly high standards when it came to Husband Material, and consequently I have never once had to deal with any of the complaints thus listed in this song. Thus far, anyway. (I keed! I keed! My Favorite Husband is a Very Good Person. Honest.) --Wait! There's MORE!

Well... MOSTLY Ella, Most of the Time....

Okay, so I like other people in addition to Ella. Like her polar-opposite contemporary, Billie Holiday. I recently filled out my collection of "The Quintessential Billie Holiday" only to find not once, in nine discs, of a recording of "Strange Fruit". Its omission is nothing short of a crime. --Wait! There's MORE!

Lots to do....

Just figured out yesterday how to import stuff via a CSV file, so I don't have to put things in one at a time. So first I have to research and CSV a file for all the extant Ella albums--something like seventy of 'em, not counting the compilations--and then (gulp!) a CSV file of all the SONGS. If each album has twelve songs on it, that'll be a minimum of 800--900 songs. Probably more, since Ella's official website says she recorded over 2000. But half that will be a good start! --Wait! There's MORE!

Mojo's Fourtha July

So at least part of the holiday was spent at the inlaws, who belong to a senior singing group. They were having one of their concerts and we decided to attend. It was very sweet. Both of my inlaws are hovering around 90 years old (he's a little over; she's a little younger) but they are still quite active in their community. Like their singing group--according to my father-in-law he likes to go around "helping the elderly". --Wait! There's MORE!

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