Mojo's Obnoxiously Upbeat Mission Statement!

Miss Otis Regrets (She's Unable to Lunch Today)

I'm always a little sad when I hear this version of this song, though not for the obvious reasons. It's a good, slow wronged-woman ballad saved from boredom by cleverly subversive lyrics. You don't really expect the line "When the mob came and got her and dragged her from the jail" when you are listening to someone's polite declination of a lunch date. --Wait! There's MORE!

But Not For Me

This version of "But Not For Me" won Ella a Grammy for best female vocal performance in 1960, and if you have ears you can immediately hear why. Everything about this song is just achingly perfect--tempo, mood, pitch. Of course when you are dealing with Ella--and I say this as objectively as possible, and not so much as the blithering idiot fangirl we all privately know Mojo to be--she just doesn't take too many bad steps. Even when you might question her choice of song, it's still gonna be a fairly solid interpretation. --Wait! There's MORE!

That Old Black Magic

I thought my first exposure to this song was Liza Minnelli singing it on the Muppet Show with Dr. Teeth. I seem to remember them dancing with Dr. Teeth's scarily-long striped arms and him shouting "Put out the fire!" when called upon. So I did a YouTube search for "Liza" and "Old Black Magic" and came up blank. Maybe it's someone else I'm thinking of. --Wait! There's MORE!

Anything Goes

I have said this many times in my life, and even though I now write it here so it will always be a small part of the pixillated electronic aether I am certain I will have to repeat myself ad infinitum. And that saying is, "Mojo likes Cole Porter and the Gershwins pretty much equally well, but if you were to tie her down and torture her and threaten her with whiny teenaged pretty-boy 'bands' she will ultimately confess that she thinks the Gershwins' music is a hair more elegant, BUT Cole Porter will always beat them when it comes to the wittiest lyrics". --Wait! There's MORE!

Sam and Delilah

Who could possibly NOT like a song that begins with the single declarative sentence: "Delilah was a floozy"? That single lyric ALONE should have you clicking on Mojo's Amazon link and filling her coffers with pennies. When you do what Mojo did, and spend a gazillion dollars on a 3-CD collection and you put the first CD into the player and out pops "Delilah was a floozy!" do you know what happens? You fall instantly in love, THAT's what happens. And the song quickly goes downhill from there: seduction, betrayal, revenge. --Wait! There's MORE!

Setting Up The Stage:

Ummm... you could buy this mp3 if you really really wanted to, but I wouldn't bother. I can't imagine why Amazon would offer this as a separate track except to flog another 89 cents out of you.

Oh, wait, I'm supposed to be hard-selling this stuff, huh? Ooooh! MP3! Buy! BUY! --Wait! There's MORE!

All Through the Night

This I will always remember as the first song on the first Ella CD I ever bought. It's a nice enough song. Not Cole Porter's best, but it just sort of glides along, smooth as ice. I do rather enjoy the metronomic line "To the monotone of the evening's drone, I'm all alone" along with the sort of gradual, half-stepping down as each stanza progresses. --Wait! There's MORE!

(Almost!) Ready to Open....

I was delayed a month due to various and sundry personal issues combined with laziness and a theme that, despite the creator's promises, proved to be not as cross-platform as I desired. So I basically had to re-create what I had already created using another theme plug-in, which involves all sorts of modifications and whatnot that I thought I was already done with. --Wait! There's MORE!

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