Buy Mojo (or anyone else, for that matter!) an Amazon Gift Card!

We are all aware how freakin' prolific Ella was...and yet Mojo is firm in her decision to purchase all of her albums on CD as they become available and as she reviews (and affords!) them. Yeah, she figures she's pretty much gonna sink her retirement into this ludicrous endeavor.

There are many ways you can help support Mojo and her EllaGeek site. If you wish to make sure any donation to the cause goes right to Ella albums and not to petty things like food or mortgage payments, well, why not an Amazon Gift Certificate? (You can also give them to other, lesser people if you are so inclined. People you might actually like better than Mojo. Pfft, yeah, like THAT could happen!) Click on the link below to get started!

(Oh, and Mojo's Amazon email is "". Just in case you were wondering. Hint, hint.)