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Sad as it may sound, Mojo is entirely devoid of any real dignity and will take any spare change that may come her way. Click on the link below if you feel a particular laugh was worth a dollar or two. Or you can just read it all for fun and not give the likes of her a plugged nickel.

So if you feel so inclined, Mojo is not violently opposed to you throwing coins at her like she was some sort of performing chimp. And, unlike many performing primates, you need not worry that she will swallow the coins and get sick. She hasn't done that in weeks. The worst that will happen is she will get distracted by shiny things and spend way too much time giggling at them and clapping her hands like a toddler.

If you do not live close enough to pelt her with spare change in person, a less injurious alternative exists. You can pelt her with virtual change by clicking on the button below:

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Thanks in advance for wasting your money on the likes of Mojo. And should you ever have the opportunity to pelt her with money in real life, Mojo prefers the gentle kiss of wadded up paper money to the unpleasant sting of nickels and pennies. But that's just her.

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