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There are many ways you can support EllaGeek, and Mojo's relentless quest to catalog All Things Ella. Here are some of the many and sundry ways to help:


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Simple enough! Just click on the link above to get started. It's totally free. None of the info taken will be used against you, honest. Registered users get all the "captchas" taken off their forms. They also have the opportunity to edit their reviews, which is nice if you can't stand typos.


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Amazon Gift Certificates, that is! To keep Mojo in Ella albums, naturally! (Oh, okay, if you don't want to give them to Mojo you can give them to someone else and Mojo will just get a small affiliate payment instead. It was worth a shot, though.)


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No, Mojo has no shame. If you like EllaGeek sooo much you decide out of the kindness of your heart to give her money, she will accept it gratefully. Because that's the kind of classy-type broad she is.