So We're Rolling....

I have gotten tired of tweaking, so I'm just gonna announce the site and iron things out as I go along.

I have finally decided on a routine, but it's going to take a while for the site to catch up to said routine. For starters, I went ahead and made records for a whole bunch of songs before it dawned on me that Ella recorded several versions of the same song. Plus I got ahead of myself writing reviews and whatnot. So one of my tweaks involved starting to go back and re-work all the previous work, and put dates (year recorded) on each song as I bring it up to speed. So this will take a while before things catch up, since I'm only posting one review a day. The casual reader will especially notice this on the album page for Ella Sings the Cole Porter Songbook, since that was the first album I started importing songs and reviewing, being the first Ella album I ever purchased.

It will all sort out eventually. What I ended up deciding to do is, every day I will add a song to the list and post a review of that song. The songs will be picked sequentially, alternating between three different albums (so we don't, for example, get too Gershwined out). Since the albums are all of different lengths as one concludes I will randomly pick another from my collection and start reviewing the songs on IT along with the other two currently in the rotation.

More evidence of my inherent laziness--right now for each song I am merely copying and pasting the Wikipedia entry for the song, which is SO lame. I'm just too busy right now to research and write proper descriptions. When the rest of the site is running better I plan on going back and replacing them all with my own research as I find the time. (Ha!)

This is for the long haul--I'm guessing it's gonna take eight or ten years to get through everything. Invite your friends along for the ride if they want. Ella makes people smile--which I think is a good thing to share.