Mojo's Fourtha July

So at least part of the holiday was spent at the inlaws, who belong to a senior singing group. They were having one of their concerts and we decided to attend. It was very sweet. Both of my inlaws are hovering around 90 years old (he's a little over; she's a little younger) but they are still quite active in their community. Like their singing group--according to my father-in-law he likes to go around "helping the elderly".

It was a sweet show, like I said--technically not the greatest, but lots of heart. They sang all the songs they liked when they were younger--stuff like "My Wild Irish Rose" and whatnot. The great thing was, as the people on stage sang, just about everyone in the audience joined in, so it was more like a big happy singalong than a "concert".

I mention this on EllaGeek because when my Favorite Husband bought a new car earlier this year--correction: when I DRAGGED HIM TO THE DEALERSHIP and MADE HIM buy a new car--as a little new car giftie I bought him a new iPod, since the car had a plug for it. And I showed him how to load music and stuff into iTunes and sync it all up. And without my influence AT ALL, some of the first CDs he imported were Ellas. I didn't say anything, for he has been known in the past to tease me for my obsession. I just note this for the record.

So we're driving up to the inlaws' place, and it's a long drive, and at some point I say, "hey, what's on the iPod this week?" And it turns out he has very recently--just the day before, as a matter of fact--learned how to create playlists on the iPod itself, and he spent some time putting some of his favorites in a playlist. So I suggested we just listen to that, because I usually like what he likes, and besides, I find other people's playlists and mix tapes to be an interesting glimpse into their warped little minds.

Wouldn't ya know it? The first THREE SONGS on his playlist were Ella songs. Mack the Knife, Don't Fence Me In and Sam and Delilah.

Just goes to show, there is hope for everyone out there...