Mojo Could Use Your Help....

Ella fans don't need cheering up, but for the poor folks out there who don't have an Ella CD to put on ... well, I fail to see how life can be worth living with no Ella in it. Which is why, after a rare fifteen seconds or so of quiet contemplation and soul-searching reflection, Mojo has decided it’s time to sell out to the corporate world again. Meaning she has decided to apply for the Sam-e “Good Mood Blogger” position ( ), a six-month daily blogging contract that will pay the winner some $30K, providing they can maintain their happy online charade for the entire six months.

Naturally, Mojo has her ulterior motives, which are thus: she intends to bring down said corporate empire by composing a blog so obnoxiously cheerful and upbeat, she will put them out of the happy-pill business by the end of her contract. At least that’s my plan. (Okay, so it might take SEVEN months. Still, ya gotta admit, it’s foolproof!) If Ella could do it, well, there's really no chance in HELL I could do it too, but we Ella fans are an optimistic lot.

But wait, I hear you say. How can *I*--talentless drone that I am--possibly help someone as breathtakingly creative as Mojo? Simple! You see, despite her many charms and attributes, in Real Life Mojo is something of an embittered, antisocial crank with no real friends to call her own. That is why I am calling on YOU, kind stranger, esteemed Friend-of-a-Friend, casual acquaintance, or whatever-other-frivolous-reason-you-received-this-message, to get off your duff for once and DO something! Just go to this URL and Vote for Mojo:

If you REALLY cared, you would go ONCE A DAY to vote for Mojo until the October 30 deadline. And if you really, REALLY cared, you’d forward this message to all your friends, family, coworkers—or, in lieu of them, basically anyone you haven’t totally pissed off in the past year or so--and convince all of THEM it’s in THEIR BEST INTERESTS to go vote for Mojo on a daily basis as well. (I don't know how to convince 'em. Try lying!)

And if you really, really, REALLY cared—so much so you long and ache with every fiber of your being for this esteemed position yourself, please feel free to apply as well. I believe the deadline for applications is next Friday, October 23. If you do, email me  and tell me your application URL and I’ll vote for you with the same obsessive daily ardor you display voting for me, and promote you to my three whole friends as well

Cheerful tip number one: PUT ON AN ELLA CD. There. That was easy!