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Okay, True Confessions time. Mojo is not a particular fan of the song "Misty". It ranks right up there with the song "Feelings", as being the sort of song that people sing in talent shows. The same talent shows where a group of friends gets together to "dance" and the choreography just sort of goes "stomp, stomp, stomp, *clap*, stomp, stomp, stomp, *clap*" in time to the music. Which was pretty interminable in junior high, but then inexplicably became some sort of trend for a year called "line dancing" when Mojo was a young adult. And I won't even get into the childhood atrocity known as "The Gong Show". I just won't.

But back to "Misty". Ages ago, Mojo knew a Very Nice Person who had one of those dreadful desperate nerdy personalities that made you cringe and duck down another hallway when you saw them approaching you in school. Plus they sort of looked like a troll, but I never really held that against them. Not so much as the "for heaven's sake give me some room to breathe, would you" feeling you got hanging out with them for longer than five minutes.

But one thing this person COULD do was sing. Sing fairly well for someone in junior high. They were a little over-the-top with the vibrato, but since most kids our age didn't know vibrato existed you could cut them some slack. Except, the only song they EVER SANG was "Misty". Someone being polite would say, "Oh, you sing?" and Mojo would be standing behind this person and silently mouthing, No! Don't ask them to sing! And then get treated to another rendition of "Misty" for the umpteenth time.

So as much as I like Ella, nothing sends Mojo's kittens up a tree quite like "Misty". It's okay. I'm a gwown-up now, so I can tolerate it. Ella's singing, taking a break after swinging "Gone With the Wind" and before getting totally into "The Lady Is a Tramp". And it was a popular song, so Ella sang it a lot. There's lots of versions of it up on YouTube. I guess it was one of her standards. I'm already on record for whining that I'm not such a huge fan of ballads. So there. You get what you paid for, and Mojo's blog is free, so whaddaya want fer nuthin?

Misty (1960)

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Ella in Berlin: Mack the Knife
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Erroll Garner
Johnny Burke

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"Misty" is a jazz standard written in 1954 by the pianist Erroll Garner.

Originally composed as an instrumental following the traditional 32-bar format, the tune later had lyrics by Johnny Burke and became the signature song of Johnny Mathis, reaching #12 on the U.S. Pop Singles chart in 1959. It has been covered numerous times, perhaps most notably by Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan (1959), Billy Eckstine (1960), Frank Sinatra and Earl Grant (1961), Lloyd Price (1963), and also by Ray Stevens (1975) as a country song. It was also used as a theme song for NBC's Today Show for most of the 1960s.[citation needed]

Erroll Garner's version of the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1991,[1] and Johnny Mathis version of the song was inducted in 2002.

The song plays a key role in the plot of the movie Play Misty for Me (1971). Clint Eastwood and Universal paid $25,000 to use the song in the film.