I am in Love

Reviewed by mojo

Ya know, with all the painful metaphors songwriters have used through the ages to convey the process and sensation of being in love, it's somehow refreshing to have a song with a single declarative sentence for its premise: I Am in Love. Sure, people use it as an excuse for all sorts of wacky things, but I much prefer people just shrugging and saying "I am in love" than some of the cringe-worthy whining that is meant to convey the same thing. Especially the men. Perhaps I am showing my age and reverse chauvinism here, and to be honest I really don't like whiners no matter WHAT their gender, but for some reason poor male creatures who feel the need to start screeching about how their lives are meaningless without me... aww, geez, Mojo thinks they should just be put out of their misery by the vet. I mean, yeah, your heart is broken--but, um, have you NO DIGNITY at ALL?

It's bad enough when my female friends start in on the male-bashing pity party--Mojo, who has been lucky in love, must remain quiet during such festivals, since she has precious little to complain about regarding HER Favorite Husband, which, trust me on this, is the LAST THING your keening female friend wants to hear at that moment--but whenever I hear some GUY singer start sniveling into the microphone, my innards just shrivel up and DIE.

I don't know why I got into talking about that, because first off, Mojo has never actually broken up with anyone I have ever cared about--knock wood--and second, this song is not about breaking up, but instead more about the heady idiocy one sometimes enjoys when under the influence of twoo wuv. And thirdly, it's not the greatest song in the world. The lyrics are painfully forced in spots, and as a horse fancier since childhood the line "I feel like a frightened colt just hit by a thunderbolt" does not so much convey the sense of being in love to me as much as it worries me that my animal was kept out in the pasture during a summer storm and has been struck and killed by lightning. Which I find a hair upsetting rather than exciting.

But animal husbandry issues aside, I'm not that fond of this song. Things I like about it, besides Ella singing it: I somewhat enjoy the cha-cha beat, and I rather like the line "Should I order cyanide/Or order champagne?" But is it worth four minutes of my time? Not really. And while usually I find if something is excessively popular I tend not to like it, I'm finding that, while researching these songs, mysteriously enough the ones I'm not liking so much tend to have the shortest Wikipedia entries. Coincidence? I think not.

I am in Love (1956)

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Cole Porter
Cole Porter

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"I Am in Love" is a 1953 popular song written by Cole Porter, for his musical Can-Can, where it was introduced by Peter Cookson.