Fanfare and Announcement

Reviewed by mojo

Okay, this is getting tiresome. At least in THIS track we get an exciting variation of Ella's usual "Thank you" as she says "Thank you, Frank Sinatra fans!" That's because she has just FINISHED singing a REAL track, in this case "The Lady is a Tramp". Which is an awesome song, don't get me wrong. Mojo luuuuuvs "The Lady is a Tramp". (Mojo also likes "The Lady AND the Tramp", although that is not Ella, but Disney and Peggy Lee. But I digress.)

Anyway, these silly "fanfare" tracks Amazon keeps trying to sell you are parts of the original tracks if you have the older, "less complete" version of the Berlin concert. They just chopped 'em up to separate all the applause from the song itself. The "bonus tracks" they added when they redid the concert are really only three songs: "That Old Black Magic", "Love Is Here to Stay", and "Love For Sale", but no less than SIX of these fanfare 'n' applause tracks. It is not for Mojo to guess if this is just to make the track count seem more impressive to lure people to buy the new album when they already own the old one.

As for me, I own the original CD and bought this one as an MP3 album just to see what the story is. Sure, I was excited to get the three new songs, but I was sort of wondering what hidden jewels lay in these fanfare 'n' applause 'n' "announcement" tracks, only to eventually discover that I've already HEARD THEM. (I put "announcement" in quotes 'cuz' as far as I can tell the only "announcement" is Ella thanking Sinatra fans. Which, while certainly polite, does not strike me as an "announcement". "Attention, ladies and gentlemen; Ella is a freakin' GODDESS"--now, THAT would be an announcement. "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and please remember, 'leaflets three, let it be'"--THAT would be an announcement. An ODD announcement for an indoor concert, particularly one in Germany, for I suppose many in the audience wouldn't know what "leaflets three, let it be" would refer to (poison ivy) since all of THEIR helpful rhyming couplets would be in German, but an announcement nonetheless.)

While Mojo is an outdoorsy lass she is one of those fortunate sorts who can wade through entire thickets of poison ivy and not be bothered one bit. But chopping up tracks to make six bogus non-track tracks? Who came up with that one? Certainly not Ella. So again, buyer beware. Don't bother with this one....

Fanfare and Announcement (1960)

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