Do I Love You?

Reviewed by mojo

Meh. This is not my most favorite of songs. Mojo has spent pretty much her entire adult life wildly and impetuously in love with one person, so she is a closet romantic at heart, but she enjoys hiding such vulnerabilities by getting crabby and snarky whenever she thinks a luuuv song is too "whiny" or "sappy". Mojo does not want someone who is going to moon all over with goo-goo eyes; Mojo wants someone who is going to clean up the cat vomit when he sees it, instead of pretending "Oh, was that cat vomit? I must have missed it." (And yes; Mojo's Favorite Husband DOES INDEED clean up after himself. Mojo is the slob in this pair. But we need not go into that.)

She also doesn't like the sort of codependent "in love" genre that insists there be accounts kept and scores tallied to ensure that both partners are providing equal amounts of kissy-face into The Relationship. Keeping score is soooooo Not an Indicator of Interpersonal Health, but what do these whiny love songs do? They list out all the many things the singer has done--or is going to do, um, like, when they get around to it--to "prove" their love and/or "deserve" the love of their beloved. People who claim they cannot balance their own checkbooks nonetheless have this incredible ability to master these amazingly complex Relationship Algorithms that make differential calculus something that could be taught by Muppets.

Me, I'm just quietly happy that my Favorite Husband comes home every night. That, and he treats just about all living things with kindness. Okay, and he's very very smart and very very funny. I'll stop now, before you frow up. But rest assured if Mojo is this goofy over the same person after over twenty years, you can see why a Dignified Reticence is the way to go for her. The alternative is to just become a bigger idiot in public than I already am.

Okay, so I have digressed somewhat from both the song in question and Ella, who is supposed to be the FOCUS of this whole shebang. Just pointing out that despite her geekiness Mojo does live a full, rich life that includes things OTHER THAN ELLA. Sometimes. Of course it is helpful if the Other Person in Your Life ALSO likes Ella. Which he does, just not quite as much. He listens to Ella without complaining, and I go to see stupid movies about Marvel Comics characters without ... um, okay, maybe I do complain somewhat about them. But I still go. Mojo is Open to New Things and New Experiences. Even if they're stupid.

All of this just to say, ya know, if you feel the need to list out all the "proof" that you love someone, Mojo thinks that should start the warning sirens going. I'm not sure which is worse--whether you spontaneously feel the need to recite "How do I love thee, let me count the ways" or if your object d'affection suddenly blurts out "You say you love me, huh? PROVE it!" Either way, I'd suggest counseling. IMHO. YMMV.

Do I Love You? (1956)

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Cole Porter
Cole Porter

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"Do I Love You?" is a 1939 popular song written by Cole Porter, for his musical DuBarry Was a Lady, where it was introduced by Ronald Graham and Ethel Merman.

Notable recordings

Larry Hovis, who played Carter on Hogan's Heroes also recorded this as a solo single.