A Blast From the Past

I was cleaning my office the other day and came across this postcard my Favorite Younger Sister doctored and used to decorate a present for Yours Truly.

As you can see, it is entitled "Ella Wishes YOU a Swinging Christmas", so I guess this was Christmas time. Ella fans of course recognize it is also the title to one of Ella's Christmas albums. The caption reads, "Honey, I'm not going to sing a note until Jo opens her present. Got it?" ("Jo" being my private family name for me, at least until my nephew came along and changed it forever to "Auntie Mojo". And no, don't go calling me "Jo" if I don't know you, thinking that will somehow bring us closer together. It won't. It will just annoy me that you are taking liberties and pretending you're something you're NOT. No, Mojo much prefers you to worship her from afar.)

I don't remember what year this was, but I was tickled enough to keep it. The back of the postcard credits the photo to a Charles Peterson and says it is Ella at the Cafe Society, New York, 1951.

The Cafe Society, interestingly enough, was one of the first integrated nightclubs in New York, and the place where Ella's contemporary Billie Holliday was first introduced to the author of Strange Fruit. She first sang it at the Cafe Society in 1939. I just blogged about it in my last blog entry a few weeks ago. Small world, huh?

Ella wishes you a swinging christmas