Applause and Fanfare Interlude

Reviewed by mojo

Okay, so early last week I peeked ahead and counted and determined THIS was gonna be Friday's "song". And I was all like, yuck, do I really want to end the week in that boring fashion? And then I thought, well, do I want to START a new week in that fashion? I was all agog. Yes, this is the exciting soap opera that is Mojo's life.

And then, as things turned out, it was decided for me, as I had some unscheduled connectivity issues for most of last week encompasing Friday in particular, so I didn't post anything. I suppose if it were a song I cared about I would have started rubbing two sticks together, but this again is one of those ripoff throwaway tracks, which I bring up here not in the hopes of ripping people off, but just to keep the new track numbers in line.

But look at me! Here I am, wasting more words on these buzzkilling 24 seconds than one could speak in 24 seconds. Can't wait for the next SONG--a REALY song, not these interlude things....

Applause and Fanfare Interlude II (1960)

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Ella in Berlin: Mack the Knife
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