Always True to You in My Fashion (1956)

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Cole Porter
Cole Porter

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"Always True to You in My Fashion" is a 1948 show-tune by Cole Porter, written for the musical Kiss Me, Kate. In the lyrics, the singer protests that she is always faithful to her main love in her own way, despite seeing, and accepting gifts from, wealthy older men.

It is sung in the later part of the film by Lois (Bianca) to her love interest, Bill (Lucentio), who has become frustrated with Lois's penchant for older wealthy men.

The song was notably sung by Ella Fitzgerald and Blossom Dearie. It is based on a similarly ironic poem by Ernest Dowson (1867-1900) that featured the line: "I have been faithful to thee, Cynara! in my fashion."

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Always True to You in My Fashion mojo

This is yet another favorite song from Kiss Me Kate. When I was growing up it was always Ann Miller; now it's Ella.

Always True to You is one of those cunningly amusing "list" songs, with the added bonus...