(Almost!) Ready to Open....

I was delayed a month due to various and sundry personal issues combined with laziness and a theme that, despite the creator's promises, proved to be not as cross-platform as I desired. So I basically had to re-create what I had already created using another theme plug-in, which involves all sorts of modifications and whatnot that I thought I was already done with.

The result, though YOU may end up hating it, is, at the very least, wholly cross-platform, near as I can tell. Of course if you are like most people you will continue to insist on using a certain elderly and hopelessly buggy version of the IE browser, despite its nearly worldwide technical panning by web people everywhere. But this theme seems to work even for THAT, shocking though it may seem.

I have decided that I'm gonna officially start with the reviews this Wednesday, September 2. Why Wednesday, and why September 2, you ask? Because it's my 46th birthday, THAT's why. And what better way to show the world how mature and dignified I have become in my middle age than by launching a breathless, simpering fangirl site? All I can say is, in my defense, it's not Bobby Sherman or David Cassidy anymore. It's ELLA. So I can perhaps be spared at least a tiny bit of the merciless teasing I am expecting from my loving friends and family.

What I will do with the reviews is this, thusly: I've picked three CD collections to start with--Cole Porter, the Gershwins, and Ella in Berlin--and I will write one review per day, alternating between the tracks on these three, and adding CDs as I go through the first three, so there will always be three CDs in the mix. And I'm starting with these particular three because I suspect they are three of the most popular, and they're all Ella at the top of her game, and the reviews will all end at different times so things will be always changing. Should be fun, regardless of what's on board!