All of You

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Unfortunately for the otherwise harmless "All of You" it happens to be juuuuuusssst not good enough for Mojo to entirely RAVE about it, and (if that wasn't misfortune enough) they put it on this particular album RIGHT BEFORE one of Mojo's FAVORITE ELLA SONGS of ALL TIME. So it has become one of those "Ho hum; I'll listen to it because I am too lazy to hit the 'skip' button" songs. Luckily for it, I suppose, in Real Life Mojo tends to be one of those people who is indeed too lazy to hit the "skip" button, so Mojo has Grown as a Person to the point where, instead of dismissing it and rushing to what I think is a BETTER song, she almost looks forward to it, as one might get used to (and perhaps even look forward to) saying "Hello"  to some crazy insane but generally harmless and reasonably pleasant old person you might pass on a daily basis. (Mojo does that so that in the future should Mojo go crazy insane she rather hopes others might say "hello" to her. That is the plan, anyway. You'll perhaps notice when Mojo comes up with these "plans" there's remarkably little actual "planning" going on and a whole bunch of vague hopes and dweams. But I digress.)

In that vein "All of Me" has become a sort of a fixture in Mojo's life, enough that she'd probably miss it for a while if it went missing, but she wouldn't necessarily spend months and months agonizing over it. As a song it's okay--pleasantly peppy, in fact. What I don't like about it is the promotion of what I have always thought was a most unhealthy, obsessive, co-dependent sort of "twoo wuv" instead of regular ol' please-pick-up-some-milk-on-your-way-home-if-you-think-of-it love, which is the sort of quieter, less dramatic love Mojo advocates and enjoys.

To illustrate this I quote the following line: "I'd love to gain complete control of you/and handle even the heart and soul of you". Mojo does not want to gain complete control of ANYONE, let me state for the record. Mojo enjoys her objects d' affection to be somewhat autonomous, if only because controlling others is SUCH HARD and CONTINUOUS WORK. The idiots just plain don't do what they're TOLD to do, unless you watch over them like freakin' CHILDREN. Mojo has enough difficulty dealing with the vagaries of her OWN life, thankyouverymuch. And the part about handling their heart and soul? That sounds suspiciously like Tom Lehrer's "The Masochism Tango", wherein the song stops in the middle after he sings "Your heart is in my hand" so he can just think about it for a second and finally go "Uuugh!". Yeah, Mojo agrees with Mr. Lehrer, having a handful of someone's heart is NOT a pleasant thought, and not something Mojo aspires to. Unless there's plenty of Purell handy...

All of You (1956)

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Cole Porter
Cole Porter

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"All of You" is a popular song written by Cole Porter and published in 1954.

It was featured in the musical film Silk Stockings and been recorded by Fred Astaire, Bobby Darin, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday, Tony Martin, and Anita O'Day.

The jazz pianist Bill Evans featured the song on his live 1961 album Sunday at the Village Vanguard. It has also been covered by Miles Davis (such as on his 1964 live recording "Four and More") and Tony Bennett (for instance on his "MTV Unplugged" album). It was covered on the album of the same name by Ahmad Jamal in 1961.