All About Ella


Because (duh!) she's the First Lady of Song, the Queen of Scat, and various other titles and honorifics too numerous to name here.

She's one of the most prolific musical artists EVER, with over 200 albums and 2000 recorded songs to her credit.(Not to be a total douche, but how many songs and albums has YOUR favorite artist recorded? Hmmm? (Okay, so maybe I AM being a douche. Sorry.))

In her nearly 60-year career, she won 13 Grammies,  the National Medal of Art and the Presidential Medal of Freedom--the highest civilian award in the United States.

But more interesting than all that boring crap, truth is the woman can SING. She is a pure joy to listen to. If you're not into joy, well, that's cool, but I warn ya, this site's gonna bring you down because Ella is incapable of anything else.

But if like me you think there can never be ENOUGH joy in life, well, stick around and join in the fun. Or at the very least, enjoy your daily dose of Ella, along with the occasional other nonsense I deem happy enough to include.

My intention, as stated in my obnoxiously upbeat mission statement, is to systematically go through the entire Ella catalog, album by album and song by song. I figure, reviewing one song every weekday will make five songs a week, or twenty a month. If you are kind enough to allow me the occasional vacation I figure it will take me between eight and ten YEARS to do so.

Let the fun begin on my birthday, September 2, 2009....and heaven knows where it'll take us....