About EllaGeek


Because, sadly, as I write this (in June of 2009), I am approaching my 46th birthday in September. So I am a middle-aged woman currently creating a fan site--something usually reserved for teenaged girls and crazed stalkers. So no matter how you slice it, however kindly you may ultimately feel toward me, it still comes up "geek" in my book.

I sometimes like to pretend it is more along the lines of a sort of purposeful, cool "geek chic" sort of thing, but when I look deep in my heart I realize that's a big fat lie, and I am indeed just another pathetic fangirl weenie.

Ah, well. There are far worse things in life to be caught being geeky about. I hope you agree. And if you don't, well, who cares....

So, this site is just an excuse to plaster affiliate links all over the place so you can make MILLIONS, huh?

Gee, ya got me. Actually, as self-servingly stupid as it sounds, no. I just wanted to create a searchable database of Ella stuff for my own (and other fans') edification and amusement. And as I thought about it, I thought, gee, wouldn't it be SWELL to have MP3 samples, so that those few unfortunate souls in this world who have never HEARD Ella could then suddenly realize the despair-laden emptiness of their sad Ella-less lives up until that very moment?

And then Mojo thought, well, let's face it: while I am indeed technically savvy enough to do it, I am also 1.) too inherently lazy and 2.) too afraid of copyright infringement to do it myself. And then I remembered, hey, doesn't Amazon have MP3 samples of everything under the sun? (Even, like, NON-ELLA music, if you can believe that!) And, well, geez, since I already have an affiliate setup, it just makes adding the MP3s that much easier!

So it's not quite as cynically money-grubbing as Mojo would like. Fact is, I assume most Ella fans already OWN this stuff, and for those three of you who don't, if you purchase an MP3 through the widget Mojo gets a whopping FOUR CENTS a sale! So if I can only convince a HUNDRED PEOPLE through my MAD COPYWRITING SKILLZ to buy their MP3s through me, that's FOUR WHOLE DOLLARS! If word-of-mouth boosts that up to a THOUSAND people, that's ... ummm ... carry the one ... FORTY MILLION dollars! Why, Mojo's RICH!!! RICH, I tells ya!!!

(Wait, no, decimal point .... FORTY bucks? CRAP!!!)

So no, I'm not expecting to make a gazillion dollars by becoming an MP3 baroness-tycoon anytime soon. They're mostly here so people can enjoy the music and Mojo can continue to enjoy her copyright-lawyer-free life of liberty and bliss. Tell ya what--I'll donate ten percent of any site proceeds to the Ella Fitzgerald Foundation. Not that I expect anything incredibly substantial, but whatever you give me, they'll get a cut.

You may consider the mental image of Mojo gleefully cavorting naked in a bathtub full of Amazon-generated pennies as just an ADDED BONUS.

You're welcome. (Sorry, but the brain bleach will cost you extra.)