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The Muppet Wiki's entry for "Gone With the Wind"

Guy Smiley Sings GWtW


The website is the Muppet Wiki's entry for GWtW. The YouTube clip is the Jim Nabors' version on the Muppet Show, also mentioned in the wiki. Essentially the same joke as the Guy Smiley version, only with a Real Person instead of a Muppet.

Jaye P. Morgan Singing "That Old Black Magic" on the Muppet Show

As you can see, it's not Liza after all, but Jaye P Morgan. You can see how a young and naive Mojo might get confused, though.... I only knew Jaye P. Morgan as being on game shows--didn't know she was a singer.... Then again I didn't know that Fannie Flagg was a writer--just thought she was a funny lady on Match Game...

Kiss Me Kate Trailer

For those who have been wondering--a brief trailer of the MGM musical Kiss Me Kate. You can see a brief bit of Ann Miller doing her ultra-sexxaay tap-dancing to Too Darn Hot at 2:27. --Wait! There's MORE!

Bette Midler's Version of Miss Otis Regrets

Just what Mojo sez: Bette Midler doing Miss Otis Regrets. Slightly different from Ella's.

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