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The Muppet Wiki's entry for "Gone With the Wind"

Guy Smiley Sings GWtW


The website is the Muppet Wiki's entry for GWtW. The YouTube clip is the Jim Nabors' version on the Muppet Show, also mentioned in the wiki. Essentially the same joke as the Guy Smiley version, only with a Real Person instead of a Muppet.

Buddy Remembers Ella

Buddy Bregman, who arranged and conducted the legendary Cole Porter Songbook, reminisces about working with Ella. It's a mishmash of impressions and memories, with some very charming details.

NPR's Portrait of Ella

This is a really nice radio portrait of Ella. Lots of interviews with musicians, critics and the First Lady herself. (You'll even find out the names of her girlhood friends who all applied to get into that fateful talent show at the Apollo Theater when they were teens!) --Wait! There's MORE!

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