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Ella and Sammy Sing "'S Wonderful"--1964

Ella and Sammy on the Ed Sullivan Show, circa 1964. Sounds like a piece of a documentary. Look how thrilled Ed Sullivan is at the end of the performance. And ya gotta love Sammy just sitting there listening to her. Frank Sinatra did the same thing when he and Ella sang "Stompin' at the Savoy" together.

Ella Singing "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye"--1965

From the notes on the YouTube page: "This is part of a 45 minute TV concert, "Ella Fitzgerald Sings", from TV Centre in London. It was first screened on Saturday 8 May 1965 on Channel 2." First she sings "We'll take Manhattan", followed by "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye" around the 3:40 mark.

Ella Singing "Love For Sale"--1957

Ella in concert in Amsterdam in 1957. First she sings "Angel Eyes", followed at around 3:20 with "Love For Sale". Enjoy!

Ella Singing "Just One of Those Things"--1974

Ella still swinging "Just One of Those Things" in 1974, again in Holland. She really plays with this one!

Just One of Those Things

Ella at her peak (of course, her peak speanned something like THIRTY FREAKIN' YEARS), in 1957, at a JATP show in Amsterdam. The announcer is Norman Granz himself, a name Ella fans know very well.... The bass player is her ex-husband, Ray Brown.

Ella Sings "The Man I Love" and "Body and Soul"

Not sure what year this is--I'm guessing the late 70's. A pretty straightforward version, followed (after the 2:00 mark) by "Body and Soul".

Ella Singing "The Man I Love"--1974

This is another 1974 television recording, this time in Germany. Looks like the same personnel as the Holland clip. They play with it, but differently than Holland. ("SHUT UP! Not a SOUND!")

Ella Singing "The Man I Love"--1974

This clip is apparently from a live show in Holland in 1974. Hang on until after the first stanza--they have fun with it! Total reimagining--I promise! And dang--if you're not an Ella fan, you WILL be!

Ella Sings "Lady is a Tramp"

Okay, so first you have to suffer through "Them There Eyes". (It's a JOKE, people!) Around the 3:00 mark she starts in with "Lady is a Tramp". A little slower tempo than usual, but still pretty awesome.... ("Them There Eyes" ain't bad, either! I challenge you to sing it faster than her! Can't do it!)

This is the London concert, circa 1965. The year of the blonde hair...

Ella and Frank Sing "Lady is a Tramp"--Redux

Another clip of Frank and Ella--looks to be twenty or thirty years later, but still swinging!

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