Mojo Could Use Your Help....

Ella fans don't need cheering up, but for the poor folks out there who don't have an Ella CD to put on ... well, I fail to see how life can be worth living with no Ella in it. Which is why, after a rare fifteen seconds or so of quiet contemplation and soul-searching reflection, Mojo has decided it’s time to sell out to the corporate world again. Meaning she has decided to apply for the Sam-e “Good Mood Blogger” position ( ), a six-month daily blogging contract that will pay the winner some $30K, providing they can maintain their happy online charade for the entire six months.

Naturally, Mojo has her ulterior motives, which are thus: she intends to bring down said corporate empire by composing a blog so obnoxiously cheerful and upbeat, she will put them out of the happy-pill business by the end of her contract. At least that’s my plan. (Okay, so it might take SEVEN months. Still, ya gotta admit, it’s foolproof!) If Ella could do it, well, there's really no chance in HELL I could do it too, but we Ella fans are an optimistic lot. --Wait! There's MORE!

So We're Rolling....

I have gotten tired of tweaking, so I'm just gonna announce the site and iron things out as I go along.

I have finally decided on a routine, but it's going to take a while for the site to catch up to said routine. For starters, I went ahead and made records for a whole bunch of songs before it dawned on me that Ella recorded several versions of the same song. Plus I got ahead of myself writing reviews and whatnot. So one of my tweaks involved starting to go back and re-work all the previous work, and put dates (year recorded) on each song as I bring it up to speed. So this will take a while before things catch up, since I'm only posting one review a day. The casual reader will especially notice this on the album page for Ella Sings the Cole Porter Songbook, since that was the first album I started importing songs and reviewing, being the first Ella album I ever purchased. --Wait! There's MORE!

In Memoriam...

While the thesis of this whole site is indeed "All Ella, All the Time" I simly have to take time out for a second to remember Mary Travers, of Peter, Paul and Mary, who passed away yesterday. She had a heckuva voice.

One of my favorite albums when I was a kid (my pre-Ella days) was "Peter, Paul and Mommy"... *sniff*

(Almost!) Ready to Open....

I was delayed a month due to various and sundry personal issues combined with laziness and a theme that, despite the creator's promises, proved to be not as cross-platform as I desired. So I basically had to re-create what I had already created using another theme plug-in, which involves all sorts of modifications and whatnot that I thought I was already done with. --Wait! There's MORE!

A Blast From the Past

I was cleaning my office the other day and came across this postcard my Favorite Younger Sister doctored and used to decorate a present for Yours Truly. --Wait! There's MORE!

Well... MOSTLY Ella, Most of the Time....

Okay, so I like other people in addition to Ella. Like her polar-opposite contemporary, Billie Holiday. I recently filled out my collection of "The Quintessential Billie Holiday" only to find not once, in nine discs, of a recording of "Strange Fruit". Its omission is nothing short of a crime. --Wait! There's MORE!

Lots to do....

Just figured out yesterday how to import stuff via a CSV file, so I don't have to put things in one at a time. So first I have to research and CSV a file for all the extant Ella albums--something like seventy of 'em, not counting the compilations--and then (gulp!) a CSV file of all the SONGS. If each album has twelve songs on it, that'll be a minimum of 800--900 songs. Probably more, since Ella's official website says she recorded over 2000. But half that will be a good start! --Wait! There's MORE!

Mojo's Fourtha July

So at least part of the holiday was spent at the inlaws, who belong to a senior singing group. They were having one of their concerts and we decided to attend. It was very sweet. Both of my inlaws are hovering around 90 years old (he's a little over; she's a little younger) but they are still quite active in their community. Like their singing group--according to my father-in-law he likes to go around "helping the elderly". --Wait! There's MORE!

First Blog Entry

This is just a test. You may ignore it. Nothing about Ella here! Well, except that last sentence.

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