"A Brown and Yellow Basket..."

A Brown and Yellow BasketOur Brown and Yellow Basket here on EllaGeek contains just about all the information on the site! Including the following things....


The The AlbumsAlbums

This is not a complete discography, at least not yet. It probably will be after SEVERAL YEARS have gone by. Instead, as Mojo reviews albums she puts them into the database, and they show up here. You can sort them by clicking on the column headings if you are so inclined.



TheThe Songs Songs

Ummm, same thing as the albums. While this will EVENTUALLY be a complete listing of every song Ella has sung, for now you will have to be content with the songs the EllaGeeks have reviewed. Which, of course, depend on the albums as listed above. (if you think THIS is convoluted, be thankful you don't have to do Mojo's laundry...)



TThe Reviewshe Reviews

Okay, am I done repeating myself? I think I'm done repeating myself. Or maybe not. These are all the user-created reviews of all the albums and songs on the site as they appear above. You may sort them in whichever way you desire. If you disagree with someone, feel free to comment on their review to "set 'em straight" and/or (better yet!) write your own review! Yes, DUELING REVIEWS! Just keep it reasonably polite is all we ask....



ExternExternal Mediaal Media

Being websites, pictures, YouTube videos.... if it has to do with Ella, we're compiling it here. I'd suggest that you do a search of the site before you start posting, since there's a fair chance someone has already beaten you to the punch, and duplicate postings will be removed so as not to clog things up. Ella already sung and video'd multiple versions of the same song (such as "How High the Moon") so we don't want to make the searching even more complex than it's gonna be...