About EllaGeek....

Okay, so here's the deal: I'm going through all of my Ella albums, and reviewing roughly one song per weekday (excepting holidays, vacations and the occasional sick/lazy day). I'll have three albums in rotation at any given time, and review the tracks in pretty much sequential order, alternating between the three. As the albums are highlighted they'll go up in the "The Albums" listing, and as each song is reviewed it too will show up in the "The Songs" list.

I estimate going through the entire body of Ella's work will take about ten years. Probably less, but hey, like I said, I can be lazy. Unlike Ella herself, who was constantly working and learning new songs and trying new things. I'd suggest you follow Ella for a role model instead of Mojo.

If you've never heard of Ella (WHAT?) I suggest you start here.

If you're curious about Ella's discography, I swiped it from Wikipedia. It doesn't include the many compilation albums that have cropped up through the years, though. I will compile a list of THEM after I get through the original stuff.

If you've never heard of Mojo (GASP! SPUTTER!) you may want to take a gander at this before you get too emotionally attached to her and her ilk.

We're mostly here to have fun, enjoy some good music and marvel at one of the most amazing voices to ever grace the airwaves. If you agree, feel free to join the fun! If you don't agree, well, good luck with that, you sorry person you. Undecided